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Retirement and Pensions.

We're very glad you're visiting our website on retirement and pensions. Retirement takes so long to earn that you deserve to enjoy your pension to the fullest. Make sure you have a plan for your retirement; not only a financial plan but also a lifestyle plan, because even not having a plan is a sort of plan in itself, a plan to who knows what though?

You should start as early as possible to think about questions like: Where and how do you want to live? In a warmer state or even a warmer country? Do you want to live in a bungalow (not having stairs can be a big advantage), a house or even a house boat?

Would a retirement home suit you or not? It is well worthwhile thinking about these things before you retire, so that you can plan the amount of pension you will require to live out your dream 'holiday of a lifetime',retirement which is what the whole of retirement ought to be.

At 'Retirement & Pensions' you will find great resources, articles, links, hints, tips, advice and more about planning for and living out your retirement.

We all hope you enjoy our website on 'Retirement & Pensions', and we wish you the very best!
The Staff at 'Retirement & Pensions'.

by +Owen Jones